FIR Filter Demo

Last year at work I briefly ran a book club where we attempted to read Richard Lyons’ Understanding Digital Signal Processing. Unfortunately, the book club sort of fell apart around halfway through the book. Most of us didn’t come from a DSP background and were hoping to use this book as a gentle introduction to signal processing, but it was still a little overwhelming for many of the participants, so interest began to wane.

Anyway, after reading the chapter on FIR filters, I thought it would be a fun and useful to exercise some of the concepts with a demo that I presented to my book club. I utilized an IPython Notebook (in fact, my first time using IPython Notebook) to walk through the process of designing a high-pass, bandpass, and low-pass FIR filter using the concepts outlined in the text. I thought it was a pretty neat little demo, so I’ve decided to share it here.

You can find the source on Github, but since Github Gists don’t seem to play very nicely with IPython.display.Audio widget, I’ve also embedded the exported the static HTML below so that you can get the full, intended experience:

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