FIR Filter Demo

Last year at work I briefly ran a book club where we attempted to read Richard Lyons’ Understanding Digital Signal Processing. Unfortunately, the book club sort of fell apart around halfway through the book. Most of us didn’t come from a DSP background and were hoping to use this book as a gentle introduction to […]

First PCB Fab Experience (iTeadStudio)

I’ve been working on a new project recently. Actually, “recently” isn’t necessarily the best word. I’ve been poking at it for months, but only really putting in an hour or two a week here and there, so it’s been coming along very slowly. At any rate, the project idea is very simple: I’m just making […]

Eagle Design Tips

Cadsoft’s Eagle schematic capture and PCB layout software has become very popular among hobbyists, most likely due to its reasonable (non-existent, for the lite version) price tag. However, at times it is not the most straightforward piece of software to use and learn. While I’m afraid I’m not going to write a tutorial that explains […]

FPGA Conway’s Game of Life

This was a project that Jim Spoth and I made for our digital systems design course. The end product is a configurable Conway’s Game of Life implementation on an Altera DE2 FPGA board using a 64 x 32 bicolor LED matrix for the display. A PS/2 keyboard is used to create/modify/clear the current state of […]

Morse Code Scanner

This was actually a really fun project that Jon and I did for our Interfacing Digital Electronics course. The objective was to use an Optek OPB745 reflective object sensor and a Freescale HCS12 microcontroller to read Morse code from printed paper. The project was very open-ended, and it was up to each team to decide […]

Meter Maven

Meter Maven is the name given to our project for our senior projects course. This project actually has its own website, so I won’t bother going into too much detail here. You should definitely check out the website, though, as it’s filled with all sorts of technical information and additional media.   Overview The Meter […]

Hard Drive POV Clock

This project is my personal rendition of the popular persistence of vision (POV) hard drive clock design. I had seen a few of these online before, and decided that it would be a fun project to try to build one myself. If you haven’t encountered one of these before, the basic idea is that you […]

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